Monday, 24 November 2008

India 4 - 0 England

Sounds like a football scoreline doesn't it... if only... Its the status of the current ODI cricket series in India between the two countries, and despite the fact the latter 2 of the matches' outcomes were determined by Messrs. Duckworth and Lewis, it has still been a pretty clinical display by the youthful Indian side. Being 4 - 0 up in a 7 match series with the trophy in the bag this team finds itself in a position that not many of its predecessors have been in, able to change the team line up for the next 3 games and give the rest of the squad a chance to shine. I'll probably jinx them with this article and so don't be surprised if England pull one back in the next match. This Indian side has something that was seriously lacking in those of the last decade and a half... depth... and a dynamic captain who's able to put it to good use. Well done boys :)

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