Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Beijing Extravaganza!

The 2008 Olympics have just concluded in China and despite signs of protest prior to the games the events were hugely successful and very impressively staged.

So what or who rather will these Olympics be remembered? If I were to choose my top 3 performers of this Olympics they would be:

-1- In first place the fastest man ever on track even though it appears he isn't even straining himself, Usain Bolt, the star performer and joker on the track will undoubtedly be the name most people will remember from the Olympics. He took 3 golds and all 3 in world record time for the 100m(9.69s), 200m(19.30s) and 4x100m relay (37.10s).

Bolt became the first sprinter to break both 100 & 200m records at the same Olympics and it was also the first gold Jamaica have claimed in the Olympic 100m competition.
Following his victories, Bolt donated $50,000 to the children of the Sichuan province of China in aid of those harmed by the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

-2- Micheal Phelps is the next best thing to a dolphin in the pool claiming 8 Gold medals in swimming competition 7 of which were new World records and the other an Olympic record!!!

A truely exceptional feat as he was virtually competing day in and day out and to sustain his stroke through so many events is simply incomprehensible, he becomes the first Olympian ever to capture 8 Gold medals in a single competition.

-3- Team China The entire Chinese squad produced an astonishing effort in their home Olympics to ensure they finished with a 100 medals comfortably topping the standings with their 51 Gold medals. Now I can't say for sure but I serious doubt that any nation in history has been able to claim over 50 Gold medals in a single competition in Olympic history.

Looking at the results from the past 4 competitions a clear picture can be formed of China's improvement to their current feat. Plainly since Atlanta in 1996 China has progressively risen up the rankings from fourth to first in Beijing. Though the USA still had the most medals overall they were clearly No.2 in Beijing losing out to China overall in number of Golds won and Jamaica in the most hyped track events on which the US have traditionally held a foothold.