Monday, 28 January 2008

Jet airways global expansion goals for 2008

This piece is credited to a recent article from TravelBizMonitor.

Recent International routes opened
- Belgium
- USA (NY)
- Canada
- The following destinations in the Gulf region
+ Bahrain
+ Kuwait
+ Doha
+ Muscat

Planned new routes for 2008
- Dubai
- Abu Dhabi
- Zurich
- Milan
- Los Angeles
- San Francisco
- Vancouver
- Tel Aviv
- Johannesburg
- Shanghai
- Saudi Arabia
- Hong Kong
- Iran

The first phase which will completed by mid-2008 will be to connect to more European and American cities. And presumably the 2nd half of the year flights to new Asian and African (i.e. Johannesburg, South Africa) will be launched. Flights will be launched inline with the delivery of new aircraft on order.