Monday, 24 November 2008

India 4 - 0 England

Sounds like a football scoreline doesn't it... if only... Its the status of the current ODI cricket series in India between the two countries, and despite the fact the latter 2 of the matches' outcomes were determined by Messrs. Duckworth and Lewis, it has still been a pretty clinical display by the youthful Indian side. Being 4 - 0 up in a 7 match series with the trophy in the bag this team finds itself in a position that not many of its predecessors have been in, able to change the team line up for the next 3 games and give the rest of the squad a chance to shine. I'll probably jinx them with this article and so don't be surprised if England pull one back in the next match. This Indian side has something that was seriously lacking in those of the last decade and a half... depth... and a dynamic captain who's able to put it to good use. Well done boys :)

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Conferderations Cup Participants

Oh by the way... In case you didn't know these are the teams competing in the Confederations Cup, South Africa 2009

1 - South Africa (Host)
2 - Italy (Reigning World Cup holder)

Regional champs
3 - Brazil
4 - USA
5 - Spain
6 - Iraq
7 - New Zealand
8 - Egypt

How to get tickets for the FIFA Confederations Cup (14 -28 June 2009)

Pre-sales ticket applications are now open to VISA customers! All the dates, venues and ticket pricing have been released. The actual draw, which will determine which teams are pit against each other (and where), will happen in a couple of days on the 22nd of November. Be sure to check where your favourite team(s) (be it Brazil, Italy, Spain, South Africa or one of the others) are playing. So you wanna buy tickets? Here's how...

Step 1 - Register on
Step 2 - Check pricing, dates (times also cause some of the matches are on weekdays) and venues.
Step 3 - Proceed to use your VISA card (which has been enabled for electronic transactions) and apply/purchase for the tickets online.
NOTE: There are discounted tickets for South African Residents (Category 4) and tickets are available on a first come first serve basis naturally :)

Step 2 can be accomplished partially by reading this article and fully by reading the next article which will be posted on November 22 following the draw.

All data below has been obtained from the official FIFA site.

FIXTURES (click on images to enlarge)

Venue Specific

Individual Matches

Friday, 07 November 2008

The ushering out of the previous generation...

Anil Kumble called it quits after the recent test in Delhi. One would have expected him to play out the last test of the series against Australia currently on the go but it appears the injury to his hand he picked up in the last test would hamper his fielding ability [the little he has :D ] and he decided to call it a day. Not a bad effort with 619 test wickets since his tenure begun in 1992. Its Amazing actually... He's India's top wicket taker by far, just to add some perspective he's got more wickets than the combined efforts (to date) of Zaheer Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Sreesanth, Munaf Patel, Irfan Pathan, Agit Agarkar, Ishant Sharma, Sourav Ganguly and Virender Sehwag! Aai Gaa Anil Bhai!

Speaking of records, Sachin Tendulkar has eclipsed 12,000 test runs in the series against Australia on the go. Yup, that makes him the highest run getter of all time worldwide and he's also racked up over 40 centuries and 50 fifties in his test career... phenomenal. Sachin's not done :) no sign of retirement for India's most revered son just yet.

Sourav Ganguly who had previously stated that this would be his last series is also stepping down after a long and illustrious career.

The trio above along with Laxman who is playing in his 100th test were honoured for their achievements yesterday.

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What happened to the airlines!

The indian aviation sector which was booming just a year or two ago is now in the doldrums. Many domestic airlines have been cancelling/postponing inducting new aircraft orders and there are signs of releasing pilots and crew. The two big rivals, Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines are rethinking their routes and international strategies and have even formed an alliance on their ground services to reduce costs. Rising fuel costs are a killer to the airlines especially in India where jet fuel tax is the highest in the world at up to 40%, this is the main reason for the dismal performance in recent times. The resulting ticket price hikes coupled with the global credit crunch have had the effect of declining load factors reported across the aviation industry world wide. Lower revenues and higher operating costs result in reduced profit margins for some... and losses for others.

Normal programming has resumed...

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