Friday, 11 May 2007


Zamzar is a free online file conversion site... and its brilliant. No need to register on the site, no cost involved and its legal; its plain, simple to use and very handy indeed!

Convert document, image, audio or video files (up to a size of 100MB) to another format. For example you can convert a Microsoft Word document (including the new 'docx' MS Word 2007 format) to 'pdf'; or a '3gp' (popular cellphone recording format) file to 'mpg' format. See the full list of available conversion formats here.


  1. Can i convert a file type .m4a to mp3?

  2. Yes u can... check the list of conversions page...

  3. cool thanks s'bu i need to convert a file of type swf to exe... hope i can find something on that website...! nice one...

  4. i guess the downside to an 'Online' file converter is that if you do decide to convert at file of size 60Mb its relatively difficult to have a file of such magnitude delivered to your mailbox!

    and oh yeah i can't convert swf to exe unfortunately! boo hoo!

  5. you know the internet scare...
    if i use zamzar to convert one particular item would my internet be cut off... is zamzar itself legal